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Todays' data centers are the hub or any corporate enterprise. With that in mind, downtime is the last thing your facility needs. Inferior wire and wiring issues can place undue stress on any computer system or communications hub. Wire that is overstressed, undersized, or poorly packed could cause interruption of services, severely damage equipment and worse, overheat with damaging effects. Install wire that takes the worry out of connections, CCT LAN and Premise Wiring. We offer both PVC and plenum, shielded and unshielded, 2 - 25 pair counts, all with varying color jackets.

There is a need in the market for a company that keeps its' promises, maintains integrity of product and service and values relationship-CCT is that company. Call us today and gain the CCT advantage for all your LAN and premise wiring needs. A CCT installation specialist will make your project pull right the first time. Consider our warranty for these wire and cable products.


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